Youth Success Stories

Feb 22, 2024 | by Kelley Williams

Isaiah D.

Discipleship at Work

Whenever a teen brings a boyfriend or girlfriend to church, it’s an unspoken understanding that once the breakup happens we won’t see them again. Isaiah has been a different story. After being introduced to The Salvation Army teen group by his girlfriend, Isaiah dove headfirst into brass band ensembles and the teen community. He soon began attending youth and music programs, divisional band rehearsals and Corps Cadets – a program preparing youth for a lifelong commitment to spiritual growth and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. His hard work and commitment eventually earned his spot in the top divisional youth band. 

Isaiah was hungry to learn about God and use music as his ministry to do the Most Good. From teaching music to the youth and being involved in the music and praise bands to volunteering his time at events, he is always willing and wanting to serve. He talks at school about his experiences within his growing relationship with Christ, and even has gotten his school band director engaged into musical events at the Corps.

Isaiah has proven himself faithful to God’s call in his life, even though he is seeking what that call means for himself. Although he is still learning so much about his relationship with God, theology and doctrines, he walks the talk in his faith and service to his neighbors. Isaiah’s love of God shines through in all that he does, so much so that now his whole family attends the Corps. It’s one thing to bring in a youth, but to have that youth then lead their whole family is a totally different story. It is a testament to sharing the Love Beyond Sundays. It’s a testament to the power in God’s word. It’s a testament that we are #BetterTogether. 

Abigail B.

Growing and Reaching Beyond Her Roots

It’s always sad to have your college kids move away but what a success to be able to look at the impact they are making on a community. Abigail grew up an officer’s kid in The Salvation Army, fully embracing all things Salvation Army: camp, travel, arts, lifelong friendships, even living abroad as her parents served in Portugal.

She spent four years in Richmond but those critical teen years when Abigail could have chosen other things, she chose The Salvation Army. She chose Jesus. Abigail was involved in everything youth and music including leading praise team, teaching guitar, leading youth choir and serving in divisional arts programs.

Now a college student at Liberty University, she is slated to graduate early with a degree in worship music leadership. Blending her diverse and eclectic arts background of The Salvation Army with the traditional Southern Baptist church where she is interning, she organized an Evening of Praise event at Ebenezer Baptist Church inviting the Richmond Citadel Corps to join in for a joyful noise! Wherever Abigail’s journey takes her, she is Doing The Most Good using the tools The Salvation Army equipped her with to invite those of all denominations to worship and praise.

Armani M.

Girls Dance Ensemble

The Corps girls dance ensemble started last year and is being led by a local college student Armani. The girls have worked very hard this past year and dedicated their time to perfect their individual craft to shine as a group. They practice every Wednesday and grow more and more confident in their technique and stage presence, with all girls earning spots in divisional arts ensembles as well as being invited to perform at various events across the division. Their commitment is beautiful to witness these young ladies grow into their gifts and talents and use them to glorify God. 

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